Somebody who spends money to possess intercourse, constantly in the context of prostitution

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trappin’ 1. adj. The latest work of coping from inside the as well as with promoting medication to have the fresh new buildup away from money private acquire. “Yo, once Larry got one handle her or him cartels, the guy trappin’.”

dump ‘em 1. to correct or confront some body which have a learned criteria. To educate somebody. “Your betta dump ‘em in advance of We remove ‘em.”

secret 1. “Yo Calvin. That that secret more than there which have Jamie?” 2. And used once the an effective verb. “Why is Tiffany flipping tricks?” or “Oh, they are simply a key.”

triflin 1. v. In order to cheating on the boyfriend otherwise wife or to feel a terrible partner when you look at the relationship. “Rick! Will you be trifflin having Jackie? You ideal hope Tomeka usually do not see . . . she’s going to open a can for you!” dos. “Son, Monica is actually upright triflin’!” step three. Someone who was unpleasant and or gets toward peoples nerves.

Talking about an excellent buddy’s right back, right back stabbing; a person who likes drama and you will brings everyone into the on the mess

trill step 1. adj. a person who is highly regarded in the streets while they ‘keep it real’; is inspired by the words genuine and real. “Hey this type of ni##a’s is trill which means you don’t have to value not one person snitchin’.” Lyrical reference: FLO RIDA – Become You are aware my gap group iced aside my nigga so trill my personal nigga so trill ack as if you know

trippin step 1. v./adv. (produced by “tripping” ) To act such a person who is actually hallucinating or for the an acid travel. To behave that someone else find unusual. “Woman, the reason why you trippin . . . he isn’t all that!” 2. To act in love or hostile throughout the some thing or into the someone. “Eh, girl! I don’t even know as to the reasons the guy feel trippin into me when I feel out.”

trolling 1. the fresh operate away from on purpose upsetting (because you could, you will be private) someone else on line always by the trying to hack him or her into the thinking your are intent on specific disagreement otherwise point you’re seeking to make, or physically fighting them, or stating impolite remarks. “David’s on the internet trolling towards remark section of church other sites just due to the fact he believes it’s fun in order to troubled men and women spiritual someone.”

troop 1. n. a lengthy walk or travel. *Even though this term is not popular any more, they nevertheless carries stating because has received fool around with and can even getting still for the stream in certain contexts. “Taco Bell? That’s good troop and a half.”

truthiness step 1. letter. whenever some thing is apparently, or perhaps is considered to be true, whether or not this isn’t necessarily true.

tunnin’ step 1. v. To battle really well; endeavor a lot. A third shore & Dirty Southern area term. “Anytime i see a celebration, Jason tunnin’.”

turfin’ step 1. v. yard dancing otherwise (T.U.Roentgen.F.=using up room on to the floor) meaning using a big city because you dancing. This kind of dancing is actually of Hyphy, Krumping, or Bucking and you may is originated in Oakland, California. “JJ are effective the fight till Rajaad become turfin’ thereon deceive and you may grabbed your away.”

tweaker 1. adj. A person who try addicted to methamphetamine (crank, speed). “Sally did not bed for more than 40 occasions, I am going to bet the woman is a tweaker.”

tweakin’ step 1. v. to do something such somebody who has removed Methamphetamine. To-be an excessive amount of hyper or energetic. To act strangely.

A sexually energetic females

adjusting 1. v. So you can snort or cigarette smoking methamphetamine (crank, speed). In some cases people will bring it intervenously. “Why are your figiting so much, are you adjusting once more?”

twigga 1. letter. a version of one’s identity ‘wigga’ (white nigga), often used in Tx. “Jason is valid twigga, the guy symbolizing them twice greater trailers!” 2. n. a black colored individual that spends Facebook and you will follows the activities regarding almost every other black someone. “I just put all of my personal twiggas up on another place to struck right up this evening.”

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