Probably the most beneficial getting an excellent nomad: 7 treasures of your own Kazakhs

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The thought of “Jety Kazyna” – Seven Treasures keeps a new input the fresh ideology of one’s Kazakh anybody.

You can ignore the cues and you will amounts, but this doesn’t make their magical properties one quicker, you simply can’t actually think of the the law of gravity of their power over the latest fate of individuals. For quite some time, in lot of places, the number “seven” try thought delighted and you can over, full of energy and higher spirituality. Numerous things inside the religions and you will kazakh thinking of those, within the ways and you will technology, from inside the language and people is actually about they.

The clear presence of brand new 7 are noticed at each and every step in the country all around. Remember, seven magic around the globe, eight basic cards during the musical, eight shade of your rainbow, one week of your month, etcetera.

Kazakh someone and representative the quantity eight with a number of titles. (Jeti Yrys – 7 Lucks, Spray і Jargy – a great Corpus away from Kazakh Typical Legislation dependent by the Tauke Khan from inside the 17 th 100 years, Squirt і Galam – Seven Galaxies, Spray і Ata – Eight Years).

But an alternative put in the latest ideology of Kazakh individuals is actually filled by the idea of “Jety Kazyna” – Eight Secrets. From the benefits anybody mean the newest 7 called for elements of longevity of a bona fide people: maleness of an earlier man, an attractive and you can intelligent partner, a quick-footed horse, a searching golden eagle, a devoted Kazakhstan animals called the Tazy (Central Far-eastern greyhound) reproduce, an excellent guns, and you may full degree. With the seven treasures lives seems done and you will happy.

Members of the family

Why the first part of “Spray і Kazyna” is “an earlier boy”? This is certainly informed me from the undeniable fact that one was usually your head away from Kazakh group, nomads, he had been an earner, a beneficial breadwinner, a protector of clan. As the Kazakhs say, a sensible girl (wife) will bring wealth on the family unit members. The work regarding a spouse isn’t just to keep the loved ones fireplace, and also to help you wisely allocate the fresh husband’s prey to eliminate good situation when “banquet now and you may fast tomorrow”. More over, it is to a female to create up pupils deserving of their dad. The head of friends doesn’t bring up the kids – they are always in the office, driving on the their pony, bing search. The mother will teach students to help you admiration the father, to adopt his deeds, and also to study from your. This is exactly why a gorgeous partner regarding life is in respect so you can « Jeti Kazyna » epic culture – an intelligent woman. It is true delight.

By-the-way elders within the Kazakhstan illustrate their children to the need to understand their ancestors doing the brand new seventh age group. Eight once more! Kazakhs get this « unwritten law » « Jeti Ata » (Seven Years) which is still getting enacted more than out of generation to generation. Generally, Kazakhs in the morning up against the relationships anywhere between nearest and dearest the new kinship relationship. In order to have a healthy age group and to prevent hereditary disorder, it is forbidden becoming connected with individuals around the newest 7th age bracket. Now, a high risk of rational or any other sickness in kids created inside marriages ranging from close family unit members could have been scientifically proven. The forefathers acted thus naturally!

Around three nearest and dearest of ‘jigit’ (an earlier son)

About three a lot more gifts out of a bona-fide son about thought of nomads try around three devoted household members of your own ‘jigit’: an instant-footed horse, a tazy (greyhound), a looking wonderful eagle. Exactly what you may one score with his exposed hands? An organic predator, such as the wonderful eagle, might be able to get hares, foxes, and even wolves!

Furthermore, the Kazakhs considered that our house, where a fantastic eagle everyday lives, is often protected from evil. Hence, the wings, feathers, and you can paws of bird had been strung on the an enthusiastic honorable put otherwise above the lead of the cradle. It was believed that the newest sacred bird handles contrary to the worst attention and you will furfling Dating Website people ruin, style of functions as a good talisman.

Tazy, a good greyhound, has also been a loyal buddy from the query. It is considered that into the abundance from tazy canines, wide range and happiness come into our house. Nomads took proper care of pets because the birth, coached him or her and when the brand new puppies was ready, they certainly were create back again to the brand new insane next to the grasp so you’re able to assist your during the bing search. Getting the original prey on the canine is actually a bona fide excitement. Tazy, together with a hunting bird and you may a horse, was indeed constantly taken to large ‘toi’ (celebrations) and you will festivals – they certainly were the real pleasure of a person.

Inside Kazakh folklore, a horse is actually an essential companion of a person. They state “He is not an excellent ‘jigit’ if he has got never seated towards a horse”.

Did you know that Central China and you may, such, Kazakhstan is recognized as being the best put in which ponies have been domesticated? Right now, when this type of pets don’t possess particularly a beneficial significance to own nomads given that in advance of, thousands of horses are nevertheless bred within the Kazakhstan. Steppe ponies continue to be an indispensable element of the fresh new social lifestyle and you can modern icon of the nation. Probably one of the most well-known ones here is the local Kazakh pony reproduce.

Animals associated with the breed is actually universal, equally an effective throughout categories of uses: because a horse to possess riding, as good workhorse, and you can a source of meats and you will milk. An option function of Kazakh breed of kazakh horses are their large stamina and survival, that’s important for lifestyle in the steppes, expanding from the heat of your summer towards frost of cold weather. This feature produces which pony suitable for activities competitions too in which fuel and you can emergency become more very important compared to rates away from your pet.

The list of « Squirt і Kazyna » finishes which have a great weapons (Sabers, bend and you may arrows, « kamshy-pyshak » – a-sharp blade that was undetectable regarding deal with of your own horsewhip, etc.), which will not falter in the combat; and complete knowledge which can help you your to take just the right path in life and make smart behavior.

Naturally, today there is no way for everybody to possess your own horse, a great tazy dog, a golden eagle – a civilization, city lifestyle decides their particular rules and regulations. However, discover guardians of those way of living! Usually it’s hereditary berkutchi (an excellent falconer), hereditary hunters and you may bikers. Courtesy him or her in addition to their effort, i have got the fresh new Connection regarding Federal Sporting events within the Kazakhstan, as well as bing search with query wild birds; various federal events as well as occurs up on its initiative – falconer festivals, cultural celebrations, art symposia, and sports where horses try an enthusiastic ines such as baiga, kokpar, kyz-kuu. Through these people, anybody can be closer to this new nomadic society out-of Kazakh anyone. You only need to determine what activity is the nearest so you’re able to your own center and after that you will start your trip!

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