A good example is Brook is very easily frightened by spirits and you will zombies (even after technically becoming dry themselves)

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Compared to additional cowardly staff members’ individual concerns – Usopp’s getting regarding insecurity, Nami’s once the an endurance gut, and you can Chopper’s away from cautiousness where to find a sugar daddy in Orlando FL – Brook’s anxiety is much more down to earth; the guy concerns what are not normal. In order to challenge the different Thriller Bark creatures as opposed to anxiety as he came across him or her, Brook convinced themselves that if he sings when you are fighting, he would not scared of them (although the guy starts powering inside the worry when he stops vocal). It singing while fighting, however, got a side effect of fabricating your look like a far more sinister animal toward zombies – an extremely ironic facts because of your as being the contrary and the fact that the brand new song the guy sings during the battle being among lifestyle and contentment than just one of ominous possibility and worst because the sensed from the them. As a result of this, despite his equivalent concern he had been because of the label from « Humming Swordsman » by zombies and you will is actually ironically feared by the him or her subsequently.

The guy apparently cannot instance swinging quick, evident as he was in more extreme flights during the Sabaody Playground. Linked to this is exactly swinging on large increase via the Traveling Fish Riders flying fish or theme park adventures and you will fighting an effective Pacifista cyborg there clearly was absolutely nothing possibility to winnings againstically, all of these concerns is actually some thing he themselves has got the possible so you can inadvertently produce such are a near way of living bones you to definitely can also be work on so fast that every anyone will have little options in order to winnings facing.

Into the Punk Possibility Arc, Brook grew frustrated in the a good dragon to possess rejecting him, stating you to bones keeps enough diet

Ahead of encountering brand new Straw Hats, Brook are really alone while floating adrift into the his ship and longed-for the business of other people. The guy initially approved Luffy’s render to join the crew and you may anticipate himself more than for supper on arriving onboard the brand new Thousand Warm just therefore he could interact with new staff and fill the newest emptiness which he educated each one of these ages. Including, when you are possibly one of the eldest pirates « alive », Brook nevertheless holds an environment off childishness on your enabling him to act in such a way similar to Luffy and Helicopter, indexed of the convenience with which the guy participates within childlike antics.

As he got knowledgeable passing himself just after prior to, the guy understands more extremely regarding effects regarding dying

Their distinct character and you can li, Usopp, and you will Chopper matter good « guardian » of Hogback’s lab, Ryuma, who’d Brook’s signature laughs and you may identification. [18] This is since Ryuma had Brook’s shadow until the samurai is defeated of the Zoro, upon which Brook’s shadow are returned to its rightful put.

Awkwardly, Brook has a tendency to run out of wise practice in slightly stressful minutes. For example, when Luffy falls toward water, Brook (and you can Chopper for example) jumps to the h2o, even after becoming a demon Fruit associate himself. The guy also has a propensity to affect continue adventures that go however quick and you can stand out on more sluggish trips.

The guy appears to get offense when someone stops him once the he has no « substance ». not, within the Zou Arch, all the the dog minks from the Mink Tribe constantly part Brook on account of him being made from bones, he failed to see whatsoever.

Brook believes inside possesses quoted the fresh beliefs « Good stuff visited individuals who wait », given the ages the guy spent on the latest ghost motorboat, joining new Straw Hats, and you may discovering out-of Laboon’s patience.

But not, you to material he has got stood from the is the work from throwing away existence. Ergo, he has got a-deep hatred for those who do not worth existence whatsoever, whether it is their unique, anybody else otherwise one another. And, particularly their head, the guy strongly hates frontrunners who would kill their particular subordinates to the an impulse too.

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